“tax savings are guaranteed or you pay nothing”


 A property owner’s best address



“tax savings are guaranteed or you pay nothing”


 A property owner’s best address



We know Construction.

We know Environmental Issues.

We know Real Estate.

Check out our Qualifications below:


Rick Kendle, Our Lead Property Tax Consultant

BS Engineering

    Purdue University

MBA (Tax)

    Florida Int’l University


    University of Miami

Licensed Realtor

    State of Florida

Mr. Kendle is a Member of the Realtor Association of Miami-Dade, and is our Senior Real Property Tax Analyst.  Mr. Kendle has been a multi-disciplined consultant for over 25 years. His experience includes residential homes, luxury home estates, mansions, farms, condominiums, large acreage parcels, ocean front properties, shopping centers, trade schools, bank buildings, mixed use retail centers, office buildings, fast food restaurants, specialty restaurants, gas stations, car wash, industrial distribution centers, self storage facilities, mixed use industrial projects, industrial buildings, industrial parks, leased fee and leaseholds, easements, encroachments, diminution in value, landslide, fire & flood damage, hurricane and flood damage issues, view obstruction, environmental contamination and construction defects.  Additionally, his experience has included acquisitions, leasing, financing, analysis of built to suit arrangements, market & feasibility analysis, and tenant improvement analysis of industrial and commercial properties.  At one point, Mr. Kendle was the Engineering Director for construction & repairs of all U.S. Marine Corps Family Housing, thru-out the world.  He also was an Environmental Analyst for the U.S. Dept of Energy, negotiating & writing multi-billion environmental settlement agreements for the Department.  Note: Florida Property Tax Appeals, LLC and specifically Mr. Kendle, are not providing legal representation to our clients in any form.  Mr. Kendle has been certified in Asbestos, Lead Paint, OSHA and Mediation. He brings a level of experience unheard of in the Property Tax Appeal business.

Pamela O’Connor, Our Commercial Valuator

Ms O’Connor serves as our Commercial Property and Management Tax Consultant.  Ms O’Connor has a BS in Industrial Engineering/Management from the Krannert School at Purdue University. She has over 20 years of experience as an analyst. She has managed hospitals/Industrial Facilities/Residential Facilities and Large Factories.  Ms O’Connor understands the valuation process of Commercial property from all aspects.

Jack Jubran, Construction Cost Estimator

Mr. Jubran serves as a professional Construction & Market Estimator. Mr. Jubran has a BS in Interior Design from Florida State University.  He has worked in all aspects of construction for the past 15 years.  He has participated in projects at numerous condominiums and residential properties in South Florida. He provides detailed construction and cost estimates that we use before Magistrates to demonstrate the cost of repairs, or construction, when we need to make adjustments in value to comparable properties, called Property Adjustments (due to physical characteristics, economic characteristics, use, or non-realty components of value).  Mr. Jubran’s market extraction reports provide meaningful support to our claims for reduction in taxes.  Mr Jubran’s detailed cost estimates for removal of contamination such as Chinese Drywall, Lead Paint or Asbestos, and subsequent needed repairs from this contamination are invaluable.

Louis Sepulveda, Construction Estimator

Mr. Sepulveda serves as a Professional Construction Cost Estimator.  Mr. Sepulveda, a former U.S. Marine, brings a wealth of talent to our tax consultancy.  Mr. Sepulveda is skilled at identifying construction costs that are unique to individual properties, which result in a lower tax burden for the owners.


“TAX savings are guaranteed, or you pay nothing.”

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